4 of the best organizations that offer addiction-recovery coaching

Where to find addiction-recovery coaching





Addiction-recovery coaching might sound unfamiliar to most people. For a long time, people have entered rehab or treatment facilities in order to find recovery. Many individuals have experienced successful recovery from addiction while in these facilities, but struggle with remaining in recovery after they leave. That is where addiction-recovery coaches come into play. Organizations offering support from coaches with lived addiction-recovery experience have started to form in order to assist people with their recovery post-treatment. The following organizations are four of the best at offering addiction-recovery coaching.



1.  Recovery Coaches International

This organization promotes and provides recovery coaching to the addiction-recovery community. They work with recovery coaches and clients worldwide to offer addiction-recovery support. Their goals are to build a recovery coaching community, educate and train those coaches and provide support from those coaches to the recovery community. Coaches listen to clients and offer their advice and support. You can search for coaches in your area by using the ‘Find a Coach’ button.



2.   Ascent

At Ascent, addiction-recovery coaches are the main focus. There are a large number of recovery coaches with lived addiction experience that are available 24/7/365 to offer their support to clients. One of the unique features about Ascent is that the recovery coaching is supported through a mobile app. Everyone who downloads the app will have access to recovery coaching support whenever and wherever they need it through their mobile phone. Clients will be able to message and talk to coaches 24/7, journal and set goals, access motivations, find nearby meetings and avoid tempting locations, watch videos and read inspiring content, and even press a ‘Beacon’ button to receive immediate help. Ascent is truly an all-in-one recovery tool that provides people support after they have left treatment (or whenever is convenient for them). This addiction-recovery app can be purchased at the Ascent store.



3.  International Coach Federation

ICF is a global organization that has set out to advance the recovery coaching profession. They provide independent certification and build a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. ICF believes that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and they ensure that every coach represents the highest quality of professional coaching.



4.   Decision Point Wellness

This is a smaller-scale organization that provides 24/7 support customized around people’s schedule. It is a little more structured with a consultation and temporary plans, but offers workshops in addition to support from counselors by phone, text and email. It is essentially an intensive outpatient program that provides flexibility and clinical expertise for people in recovery.



In this mobile world that we live in, it is imperative that people in recovery have support when and where they need it, especially after leaving rehab. Organizations such as these provide that capability and will continue to improve mobile recovery methods. If you have questions or comments about any of these organizations, reach out to .

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