5 Most Common Mental Illnesses Affecting Teens

Five of the most common mental illnesses affecting teens     Our teen years are the most formative, bridging the path from childhood into adulthood and determining what kind of person we grow into. While we can write off strange behaviors or disturbing thoughts in children as nothing more than personality quirks that will soon […]

Party Drugs: An Easy Way to Kill Your Party

Drugs have no place at a party                                     A party is meant to be a great time, not a place where people become potential addicts and are put in harm’s way. The demographic that is most susceptible to […]

Ways for Addicts to Avoid Holiday-Induced Stress and Relapses

Want to avoid the stress of holidays during recovery?     Twinkling lights, Christmas music, and family celebrations are some of the things that make the holidays wonderful for many people.  This busy time can also bring with it a lot of stress, especially for recovering addicts.   Crowded parties and family get-togethers can abound […]

How Connection and Community Combat Addiction

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the relationship between human connection and addiction. It may have been sparked by a popular TED talk by British Journalist Johann Hari where he concludes that addiction is not a substance disorder but a social disorder.   People who become addicts tend to lack deep social connections […]

How to Use Apps and Technology To Support Your Recovery

How technology can support your recovery   There was a time when the only technologies that were available to aid you in your recovery were the telephone and the printing press. This, however, is not the case today and there are now hundreds of applications and technology to support your recovery. These will come in […]

4 of the best organizations that offer addiction-recovery coaching

Where to find addiction-recovery coaching         Addiction-recovery coaching might sound unfamiliar to most people. For a long time, people have entered rehab or treatment facilities in order to find recovery. Many individuals have experienced successful recovery from addiction while in these facilities, but struggle with remaining in recovery after they leave. That […]

9 Reasons Why Mental Health Is So Important

  Mental illnesses are prevalent in the world today and can lead to a variety of other conditions. Despite the efforts of many organizations to create awareness about mental illnesses and the importance of mental health, there still seems to be a lack of knowledge on the subject for many. In order to better explain […]

Addiction-recovery solution ASCENT hires first wave of virtual peer-recovery team and announces first customers

The Ascent solution is live with its first peer-recovery coaches and clients   CLEVELAND, Ohio – February 2, 2016 – ASCENT, an addiction-recovery solution that combines 24/7/365 virtual support from experienced peer-recovery coaches with an outcomes documented mobile app has completed their coaching hiring process and have announced their first customers. ASCENT underwent an extensive […]