So your teen is addicted to vaping, now what?

One of the main concerns you have as a parent will be if your teen has an addiction.  The first thing you need to do is actually confirm it.  If your teen has shown that they can go hours or even days without needing to vape, then they’re ok. If they struggle, then you may […]

How Emotional Sobriety Played a Role In My Recovery

The benefits of emotional sobriety     It’s no secret that every addict struggles with the foundational inability to shift our thinking and successfully process emotion. The common theme for my upbringing was complete and utter avoidance. If I didn’t like the way I was feeling or the way a relationship was unfolding, I’d avoid […]

5 Most Common Mental Illnesses Affecting Teens

Five of the most common mental illnesses affecting teens     Our teen years are the most formative, bridging the path from childhood into adulthood and determining what kind of person we grow into. While we can write off strange behaviors or disturbing thoughts in children as nothing more than personality quirks that will soon […]

Why Many Are Choosing Online Therapy

The Benefits of Online Therapy     When one thinks of therapy, they imagine someone lying on a couch, talking about their life, while a therapist scribbles everything down on their notepad. Many don’t imagine therapy as someone chatting through their phone while on their commute, or video chatting with their therapist inside their home. […]

Mental Health First Aid Training

Register for Mental Health First Aid Training     With 1 in 4  experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, you’re much more likely to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than someone having a heart attack. Learn how to help with this groundbreaking public education program. Ascent can help facilitate this training for agencies.     […]

JOB OPENING: Peer Recovery Coach (Ascent ED)

Ascent ED is looking for a Peer Recovery Coach   If interested, email your résumé to