How Emotional Sobriety Played a Role In My Recovery

The benefits of emotional sobriety     It’s no secret that every addict struggles with the foundational inability to shift our thinking and successfully process emotion. The common theme for my upbringing was complete and utter avoidance. If I didn’t like the way I was feeling or the way a relationship was unfolding, I’d avoid […]

5 Most Common Mental Illnesses Affecting Teens

Five of the most common mental illnesses affecting teens     Our teen years are the most formative, bridging the path from childhood into adulthood and determining what kind of person we grow into. While we can write off strange behaviors or disturbing thoughts in children as nothing more than personality quirks that will soon […]

Why Many Are Choosing Online Therapy

The Benefits of Online Therapy     When one thinks of therapy, they imagine someone lying on a couch, talking about their life, while a therapist scribbles everything down on their notepad. Many don’t imagine therapy as someone chatting through their phone while on their commute, or video chatting with their therapist inside their home. […]

Mental Health First Aid Training

Register for Mental Health First Aid Training     With 1 in 4  experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, you’re much more likely to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than someone having a heart attack. Learn how to help with this groundbreaking public education program. Ascent can help facilitate this training for agencies.     […]

The Different Types of Depression You May Experience In Early Recovery

There are types of depression you may experience in recovery     A common event that a recovering addict may experience during their recovery is depression. This can occur for multiple reasons: the body needs to heal from the damages of drugs, the recovering addict must confront emotions and thoughts that may have been otherwise […]

How to Deal With the Guilt of Your Past In Recovery

Overcoming the guilt of your past in recovery     When you’re in early recovery, there are so many things to worry about. You’re battling physical symptoms along with constant cravings. You barely have time for guilt. But once the physical symptoms subside and you get a small handle on cravings, it’s as if you […]

How Mental Illness Can Affect Anyone

      Many people think they are immune to mental illnesses because of some reason or another. For example, some say they cannot be depressed because they have such a great life or there is no way they could ever have an anxiety disorder because they are never stressed out. Well, the truth is, […]

Exercise Your Demons: 7 Workouts That Will Improve More Than Your Physique

7 workouts to help you physically and mentally     “Exercise” isn’t just about caring for your physical body. We also have our mental, emotional, spiritual, and social welfare that needs our attention. Fortunately, just about anything that increases our heart rate releases endorphins, that “feel good” hormone. For those in addiction management or recovery, […]

Party Drugs: An Easy Way to Kill Your Party

Drugs have no place at a party                                     A party is meant to be a great time, not a place where people become potential addicts and are put in harm’s way. The demographic that is most susceptible to […]

Why Addiction Doesn’t Define You

You are not your addiction       Not long ago, anyone who found themselves addicted to drugs would become an instant social outcast. They were labeled as derelicts without any drive or ambition.   People saw their manipulative behaviors as part of their personalities instead of what they really are: part of a disease. […]

How Recovery Can Change the Direction of Your Life

Recovery can change your life, for the better                                 The beginning stages of addiction are full of smoke and mirrors. With both alcohol and some drugs, it can seem like an avenue to make more friends, feel more at ease […]

Mental Health Month: You Are Not Your Illness

“You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.” – Julian Siefter   For Mental Health Month, our very own Jody Morgan has shared part of her story with us.    ​I started working in the mental […]

The Importance of Self Care

Why it is important to prioritize self-care       It is so easy in the fast paced modern society that we live in to forget to stop, breath, and take care of ourselves. We can get so caught up in the daily goings on, the schedules, and the obligations that we completely neglect the […]

Ohio’s 2017 Behavioral Health Conference

Moving forward in recovery-oriented systems of care     Ohio’s 2017 Behavioral Health Conference is coming up soon and we wanted to share some information about the event with you. The conference is taking place on January 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio. The theme for this year’s conference is “Moving Forward in […]

How to Use Apps and Technology To Support Your Recovery

How technology can support your recovery   There was a time when the only technologies that were available to aid you in your recovery were the telephone and the printing press. This, however, is not the case today and there are now hundreds of applications and technology to support your recovery. These will come in […]

September is National Recovery Month

The Importance of National Recovery Month     September 1st marks the beginning of the 27th National Recovery Month. National Recovery Month is intended as a month to educate the American population on the benefits that substance abuse treatment and other mental health services can offer to those struggling with substance abuse problems or mental […]

New addiction and mental health Twitter Q&A: #AscentChat

Twitter chats: getting others involved on the social platform by asking questions and engaging with other people’s answers. Twitter chats are a great way to educate and involve other individuals and businesses on Twitter. It is a group of people coming together and providing their thoughts and advice on the topic that the host chooses. […]

How Stigma Affects Recovery

The stigma of addiction and mental illness   As far as we’ve come as a society in our understanding of addiction there is still an overarching societal stigma that comes with being an addict or an alcoholic. The pervasive thought being that addicts and alcoholics are some shadowy figures lurking around the corner ready to […]

Ascent app recovery coach profile: Chris Hall

The story of recovery coach: Chris Hall As Ascent continues to grow and expand to new treatment centers, we are constantly reminded just how invaluable our coaches and support team are. Without recovery coaches and supervisors being accessible 24/7/365, Ascent wouldn’t be what it is. These coaches make it possible for people in recovery to […]

Not just another statistic

We are more than just a statistic   Often times it is difficult to look beyond the statistics in life. This can be especially true for anyone living with addiction or mental illness. Guest blogger Victoria Jones is here, however, to share her story and why it is important to realize that you are more […]

A Goodbye Letter To My Addiction

Goodbye, addiction…   Many of us would love to write a goodbye letter to our addictions. It’s a good exercise to voice how addiction made you feel and how you feel now that you are in recovery. And if you are still trying to find recovery, well then, it’s a great way to start that […]