What happens when you get stranded in the airport all night?

What would you do if you got stranded in the airport?




Most people dread missing a connecting flight and being stranded in an airport for a few hours, let alone all night. Well for Mahshid Mazooji that’s exactly what happened. She missed her connecting flight at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and was stranded in the airport all night. Most people would be furious and distraught. Many would demand a hotel for the night. Mahshid, however, decided to do what makes her happy…dance! The video above shows her dancing with airport employees and other bystanders as she made the most of a bad situation.


This is a really cool video that makes you stop and think. There are always going to be times when we find ourselves in unfortunate situations. We have a choice though. We can either get angry, complain and blame others or we can make the most of the situation and try to see the good. This is exactly the type of community that we want to cultivate with the Ascent app. We want diverse and inspiring people and groups that will encourage each other and see the positives in life. We want people who are ready to connect, share and change the world. If you are like Mahshid and want to connect with others who see the good in a tough situation, sign-up for early access to the app and let’s make a difference together.

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