Rise2Recovery: the new addiction recovery and mental health podcast is here

Rise2Recovery podcast: industry leaders in addiction and mental health

Everyone has a story. Every single person has had experiences that have shaped their life, for better or worse. How each person reacts to those experiences can also affect the outcome. This is especially true for people in recovery or with mental health conditions. Every one of them has a story to tell. Some stories are more interesting or more emotional than others, but there’s always a story. That’s why Ascent has set out to discover some of these emotional and powerful stories and share them with you.


Enter the Rise2Recovery podcast. Rise2Recovery is the name of the new podcast presented by Ascent that will bring you stories from industry leaders in addiction and mental health every two weeks. Ascent’s founder, Brian Bailys, will be talking with these industry leaders about their addiction or mental health stories, how they made it to and remain in recovery, and what led them to achieving success. These guests will range from business owners and CEO’s to athletes to pioneers in the recovery field. Every two weeks a new podcast episode will be available to listen to on Rise2Recovery.com, iTunes and Stitcher. The first two episodes are already available!


The very first guest on the Rise2Recovery podcast was Tim Stoddart, founder of Sober Nation. Tim struggled mightily with addiction before finding his way to recovery (and Florida) and founding Sober Nation as well as several other companies. Now, Tim is diligent in his work and life. Whether it’s one of his companies or simply working out, Tim is always giving 100%. Take a listen here.


Our second guest on the podcast was Justin Phillips, founder of Overdose-Lifeline, Inc. Justin is a mother of three children, two boys and a girl. She lost one of her sons, Aaron age 20, due to an overdose of heroin in October 2013. Justin has spent her career in the nonprofit and public sector educating parents and caregivers on the prevention of childhood injuries. In her personal life she has involved herself with the important cause of alcohol and drug recovery. Despite her best efforts, she could not help Aaron win his fight or beat the powerful drug heroin. Justin believes in advocacy and grassroots efforts to make an impact in the community. Following the death of Aaron, Aaron’s friend Jake, and countless other lives from heroin and other drugs, Justin has decided to dedicate her life in their memory. You can listen to her episode here.


Rise2Recovery’s next guest will be Shane Ramer, founder of That Sober Guy Podcast. Ascent has been featured on Shane’s podcast in the past and we look forward to hearing Shane’s story this time around. Like Tim and Justin, we have no doubt that it’ll be a fascinating listen from Shane.


If you have any questions that you would like to have Brian or one of our guests address, reach out to us in the comments or at . Be sure to check out the current episodes at Rise2Recovery.com, Ascent.org, iTunes and Stitcher and check back every two weeks for a new one. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Great podcast. I love hearing other mental health podcasts on mental health awareness week. Keep up the great work, and inspiring anxiety sufferers towards change. http://www.anxietyexit.com


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