Ascent peer recovery coach profile: Shawn Pasch

How Shawn Pasch went from struggling with addiction to leading others to sobriety 2016 is already off to a great start for the recovery industry. There are exciting things happening all around the world with the addiction recovery community. Even many of the presidential candidates understand how important the addiction issue is and have made […]

The way we think about addiction is wrong

 What is the real cause of addiction? For so long, there has been a negative stigma placed on addiction. Instead of being viewed as a disease, many claim that “addicts” simply don’t have a desire to stop using. It has been perceived as more of a self-control issue where users are looked down upon or […]

Ascent peer recovery coach profile: Libby Sosa

As a follow up to last week’s post about our new peer recovery coaches, we want to take the time to share some of their stories in more detail. Everyone has a story and we hope that sharing some of our coach’s stories will help motivate and inspire others on their journey through recovery. This […]