Learning about the Opiate Epidemic: Ohio’s 2016 Opiate Conference

Addiction recovery conferences and the Ascent app   A couple of weeks ago we wrote about some of the events we would be attending this year relating to addiction and mental health. One of those events is the Ohio Opiate Conference which is being held in Columbus, Ohio next Monday and Tuesday and the other […]

SNL runs controversial heroin addiction skit

The reaction to the Saturday Night Live “Heroin AM” skit was immediate on Saturday night and gained momentum throughout the remainder of the weekend. Many people informed on the heroin addiction epidemic or who have experienced the effects of addiction were outraged by the spot. There are several petitions circulating in response to SNL’s distasteful […]

Upcoming Recovery and Mental Health Events

Places to find Ascent Last week we wrote about all of the events popping up regarding addiction and mental health in Ohio and throughout the country. In order to expound on that fact and give readers additional insight into some of these events, we are going to outline some of the upcoming events that Ascent […]

Ideas that Work: Fighting the Drug Epidemic

Organizations fighting the drug epidemic There are informational and inspiring events taking place all over the country pertaining to mental health and the drug epidemics. In Ohio alone, we are seeing more of these type of events pop up. As we look to continue to learn and spread the word about the Ascent solution, we have […]