Ascent solution now available for individuals

Ascent is grateful for the feedback on its B2B launch

It has now been over a month since the launch of the Ascent solution and we are blown away by the reception it has received thus far. Not only did several treatment centers and organizations choose to utilize the Ascent solution for their clients in the first few weeks, but we also received tremendous feedback and new potential clients.

We are beyond grateful for the positive feedback and press so far. “We are proud to be a part of this historic moment in the recovery industry”, said Mike Matoney, the CEO of New Directions. “We will be the first to have access to the ASCENT solution and experience 24/7/365 addiction-recovery support.” This is just one of the encouraging comments made from one of our first customers. We will touch on New Directions again later.

Ascent is now available for ALL individuals

The big news that we are excited to share today is that we are now offering the Ascent solution to ALL individuals. Until now, the solution has only been available in a business capacity for treatment centers, drug courts, etc. After seeing how much this solution has helped our clients and how successful we think it will be over time for treatment centers, however, we decided to make it available for individuals as well. Thus, the Ascent solution is available for pre-order starting today and will officially be released to the public on February 24th.

It only made sense to provide a solution such as this to everyone who needs it. After all, recovery happens in a space, not a place.  Whether someone has gone through rehab or not, recovery is a lifetime. This means that every individual in recovery needs that contact and support on their terms. It’s not always possible for someone to be there in person, but it is possible to have support at your fingertips with the Ascent solution. Our amazing peer-recovery coaches have already received recognition for their tireless effort to provide support to those in need. With the addition of this new consumer model of Ascent, they will now be able to extend that support to every individual in need.

The possibilities of the Ascent solution for individuals are limitless and we cannot wait to see the results over time. Once someone purchases the solution in the Ascent store, they will receive instructions on how to download and use the app. Then, a peer-recovery coach will be in touch with further instructions and to help answer any questions. The solution will soon be available in multiple locations on recovery websites from our partners, but that information will be coming over the next week. For now, it is exclusively available on our website. There is a 12-month package that comes with a 10-day free trial (two months free) and a six-month package that comes with a 10-day free trial (one month free).

Now to get back to New Directions. As we said before, New Directions is one of the first clients using the Ascent solution. It has been a great experience setting up the solution for their treatment center and clients. It was a smooth transition for them and their clients have been great. Mike Matoney spoke with us this morning about the solution and the benefits he has seen from it so far. We look forward to continuing to work with treatment centers and organizations like New Directions, and now with individuals as well! If you have any questions about the Ascent solution, feel free to ask it in the comments section or contact us at . Check back here for news and updates as well.

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