Goodbye letter to my addiction #2

Saying goodbye to my addiction


Today, we have a special guest post from Danielle who has written a goodbye letter to her addiction. If you would like to share your goodbye letter to your addiction, you can send it to

Dear Addiction,



It started out as fun, my weekend companion, I would wait patiently to see you each week. Soon my crush started and I couldn’t wait any longer to see you. I was no longer shy and quiet. You brought me out of my shell. I started to need you in my life more and more. Pretty soon I started to fall in love with you. I needed to see you everyday.



The good times we had started to fade and the bad times came. We stuck together through thick and thin and you held my hand through everything. I couldn’t wait to see you until the end of the day. I saw you first thing in the morning and you’d visit me at work. I couldn’t live without you anymore. I needed you by my side constantly. I’d lie, manipulate, and steal for you. I would do anything to have you. My family didn’t approve of you but that didn’t stop me from loving you. They didn’t understand our love. We had each other and that’s all that mattered to me.



My body ached and I was sick when I didn’t see you. Something started to change and I knew I had to leave you. You put up a good fight but I had to say goodbye. You left me alone for a few years but came knocking on my door. You begged for another chance and I gave in. Quickly I fell in love again. I became obsessed with you and you were on my mind constantly. I couldn’t get enough of you. In the back of my head I knew you were no good for me. I had to say goodbye once more.



You left me alone for a few months but came knocking on my door again. I couldn’t resist you and all that love came pouring back again. I lied and snuck around to see you. Quickly my family found out. I was not allowed to be around my daughter as long as you were around. You took away my life, my love, and my whole world that day. I had to say goodbye for I needed my daughter in my life.



You went away for a few months again, then came back begging for another chance. I tried to turn you down but couldn’t stop those feelings I still had for you. We were together again everyday. The obsession crept up again and you were on my mind constantly yet again. I knew this love was wrong. I realized we weren’t meant to be. For the love of my daughter was stronger than my love for you. I’m saying goodbye for the final time. It’s too late to save our love. It’s over now. Please don’t come knocking on my door. I won’t answer it this time. I’m done, I’m through, our love can be no more.




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