How Emotional Sobriety Played a Role In My Recovery

The benefits of emotional sobriety     It’s no secret that every addict struggles with the foundational inability to shift our thinking and successfully process emotion. The common theme for my upbringing was complete and utter avoidance. If I didn’t like the way I was feeling or the way a relationship was unfolding, I’d avoid […]

5 Most Common Mental Illnesses Affecting Teens

Five of the most common mental illnesses affecting teens     Our teen years are the most formative, bridging the path from childhood into adulthood and determining what kind of person we grow into. While we can write off strange behaviors or disturbing thoughts in children as nothing more than personality quirks that will soon […]

Why Many Are Choosing Online Therapy

The Benefits of Online Therapy     When one thinks of therapy, they imagine someone lying on a couch, talking about their life, while a therapist scribbles everything down on their notepad. Many don’t imagine therapy as someone chatting through their phone while on their commute, or video chatting with their therapist inside their home. […]

Mental Health First Aid Training

Register for Mental Health First Aid Training     With 1 in 4  experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, you’re much more likely to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than someone having a heart attack. Learn how to help with this groundbreaking public education program. Ascent can help facilitate this training for agencies.     […]

The Different Types of Depression You May Experience In Early Recovery

There are types of depression you may experience in recovery     A common event that a recovering addict may experience during their recovery is depression. This can occur for multiple reasons: the body needs to heal from the damages of drugs, the recovering addict must confront emotions and thoughts that may have been otherwise […]

How to Deal With the Guilt of Your Past In Recovery

Overcoming the guilt of your past in recovery     When you’re in early recovery, there are so many things to worry about. You’re battling physical symptoms along with constant cravings. You barely have time for guilt. But once the physical symptoms subside and you get a small handle on cravings, it’s as if you […]

How Mental Illness Can Affect Anyone

      Many people think they are immune to mental illnesses because of some reason or another. For example, some say they cannot be depressed because they have such a great life or there is no way they could ever have an anxiety disorder because they are never stressed out. Well, the truth is, […]

Exercise Your Demons: 7 Workouts That Will Improve More Than Your Physique

7 workouts to help you physically and mentally     “Exercise” isn’t just about caring for your physical body. We also have our mental, emotional, spiritual, and social welfare that needs our attention. Fortunately, just about anything that increases our heart rate releases endorphins, that “feel good” hormone. For those in addiction management or recovery, […]

Party Drugs: An Easy Way to Kill Your Party

Drugs have no place at a party                                     A party is meant to be a great time, not a place where people become potential addicts and are put in harm’s way. The demographic that is most susceptible to […]

Why Addiction Doesn’t Define You

You are not your addiction       Not long ago, anyone who found themselves addicted to drugs would become an instant social outcast. They were labeled as derelicts without any drive or ambition.   People saw their manipulative behaviors as part of their personalities instead of what they really are: part of a disease. […]

Ways for Addicts to Avoid Holiday-Induced Stress and Relapses

Want to avoid the stress of holidays during recovery?     Twinkling lights, Christmas music, and family celebrations are some of the things that make the holidays wonderful for many people.  This busy time can also bring with it a lot of stress, especially for recovering addicts.   Crowded parties and family get-togethers can abound […]

How Recovery Can Change the Direction of Your Life

Recovery can change your life, for the better                                 The beginning stages of addiction are full of smoke and mirrors. With both alcohol and some drugs, it can seem like an avenue to make more friends, feel more at ease […]

The Benefits of Technology in Recovery

When you hear about technology and addiction, it may bring up thoughts of zombified teenagers staring obsessively at their electronic devices. Smartphone addiction is real. But smartphones aren’t always the problem. Sometimes, smartphones can be a solution for addiction.     Although we haven’t found a way to virtualize addiction treatment plans completely, and maybe […]

How to Throw a Wicked Substance-Free Halloween Party

Want to throw a sober Halloween party?   It may seem like adult Halloween celebrations are all centered around booze, but Halloween is actually the perfect time to throw a great substance-free party because there are so many fun ideas you can do. With all the great food, punch, themes and activity ideas for Halloween, […]

How Connection and Community Combat Addiction

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the relationship between human connection and addiction. It may have been sparked by a popular TED talk by British Journalist Johann Hari where he concludes that addiction is not a substance disorder but a social disorder.   People who become addicts tend to lack deep social connections […]

The Benefits of Peer Coaching and a Support Network

Peer coaching and a support network help in recovery         Anyone who is about to embark on a long and difficult journey would benefit from some moral support. Recovering addicts are no exception.     People who are recovering from substance abuse struggle with temptation and withdrawal symptoms daily. It helps to […]

Goodbye letter to my addiction #2

Saying goodbye to my addiction   Today, we have a special guest post from Danielle who has written a goodbye letter to her addiction. If you would like to share your goodbye letter to your addiction, you can send it to Dear Addiction,     It started out as fun, my weekend companion, I […]

How Social Media is Aiding Recovery

Social Media’s Impact on Recovery         As ubiquitous as it has become on the cultural landscape, the narrative surrounding social media is not always positive. A large part of the issue is that social media can so easily be weaponized. There have been numerous news reports about teens getting bullied on social […]

The Key to Finding a Job After Rehab

What is the key to finding a job after rehab?         It’s often said that getting sober is the easiest part of the recovery process. By comparison, staying sober is what takes the most effort.     Fortunately, addiction treatment programs help individuals to learn the skills and strategies that are required […]

Meet Us at She Recovers in NYC

The event that women from all over have been anxiously waiting for is almost here. She Recovers is an event taking place in New York City from May 5 – 7, 2017. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but for anyone not familiar with the organization, She Recovers hosts events and workshops for women in recovery […]

What is #NoMoreShame?

    Stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness has always been an impediment to eradicating the addiction epidemic. Stigma prevents people from asking for help and often causes them to isolate, which is never the answer. There are many organizations today that are working to fight the stigma of addiction, including Stamp Out Stigma, New […]

Ohio is the Worst State for Opioid Overdoses

Ohio is at the top of the list for opioid overdoses       It is fair to say that just about every state in the country has felt the ramifications of the opioid epidemic. Drugs like Oxycontin, Fentanyl, and heroin have ravaged communities throughout the nation, leaving thousands of families grieving the loss of […]

The Importance of Recovery for Young People

Why recovery is an important topic for young people         When our modern idea of recovery from drugs and alcohol first took form in the 1930s, young people were not factored into the equation of sobriety. In fact during those early years of recovery very few women were even introduced to the […]

The Key to Your Loved One’s Recovery is You

Take care of yourself to help your loved one       People in recovery who have strong, involved support systems are more likely to recover than those who don’t. However, if you want to help your loved one get sober you have to remember to take care of yourself also.   You are your […]

The Dangers that Synthetic Opioids Pose

Opioid abuse and the dangerous epidemic       It is no secret that synthetic opioids have become a huge problem in this country, to the point where President Obama has addressed the issue in an attempt to raise awareness among the population about the potential epidemic that we have on our hands. He has […]