So your teen is addicted to vaping, now what?

One of the main concerns you have as a parent will be if your teen has an addiction. 

The first thing you need to do is actually confirm it.  If your teen has shown that they can go hours or even days without needing to vape, then they’re ok.

If they struggle, then you may think you have reason to be concerned.

However, do not panic.

When it comes to vaping, there isn’t too much to be worried about.  In fact, out of all the things a modern teen can be addicted to, it’s almost a blessing that it’s only vaping.

In truth, vaping is nothing like smoking at all.

Electronic cigarettes only produce water vapor as a by-product.  This is why it’s commonly referred to as vaping.

Smoking, on the other hand, produces almost an infinite number of harmful chemicals.  These result in health problems that include carbon monoxide poisoning, cancer, and heart disease.

The only real similarities between the two are the addictive substance itself: nicotine.

Now, if your teen is addicted, this can be fixed.  Vaping can actually be a hobby and a good way to keep them away from tobacco so the first advice would be not to throw the e-cig away.

Vaping allows a flexible way of reducing levels of nicotine that other methods tend not to.

By reducing the content of nicotine per 10ml of e-liquid, your teen will still have fun vaping but know that they don’t need nicotine to feel good.

The first step you should take is to talk to them and not have a go at them. Shouting at them isn’t going to help anybody.

Sit down with them and tell them about your concerns.  With all their hormones flying around, they might be too proud to admit they vape too much and so don’t be too pressing.

If you know they have a problem though, you should tell them.  Only from here can there be clear air for you and your teen to make a plan that will get them off nicotine.

Like we said, vaping itself isn’t a danger.  In fact, many people vape just for the fun of it and the opportunity to connect with a community.  Your teen may even be one of these people.

They also may have a lot of friends in the vaping space.  If you threaten to take that away from them, they will only want to hang out there more and they won’t want to lose their friends.

If this is the case, let them keep vaping but as part of the plan, strike a deal that they will reduce the levels of nicotine in them over a period of time that will be comfortable for them.

Offer them some sort of reward if they manage to stay on track.  This is a great way to keep people motivated.

We understand that some of you will have concerns about if vaping really is a healthier option to smoking in the first place.

The NHS has written some articles on this exact topic so check them out as part of your research.  Hopefully, this will put some of your fears to bed.

So, overall, if your teen is addicted to vaping, it’s not as bad as you probably think.

Everyone knows all the harmful and deadly effects a smoking addiction can have but vaping is far from being this dangerous.

As a parent, help them realize they don’t need the nicotine to feel good.  A 0% vape will do the job just as good and let them still be part of their social group.

Shariq Toor is Content Strategist and Outreach Expert working with the Vapemate E-liquid. He loves discovering the latest trends in Technology, Social Media, and Health. In his off time, he practices landscape photography and keeps up with his favorite sports. Follow Vapemate on Twitter

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