Ideas that Work: Fighting the Drug Epidemic

Organizations fighting the drug epidemic

There are informational and inspiring events taking place all over the country pertaining to mental health and the drug epidemics. In Ohio alone, we are seeing more of these type of events pop up. As we look to continue to learn and spread the word about the Ascent solution, we have been fortunate to attend many of these events.
On April 7, 2016 Ascent had the opportunity to visit Clinton County to attend Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s “Ideas that Work: Fighting the Drug Epidemic in Ohio”.  There we had the opportunity to listen and learn about what is happening not only in Clinton County, but all over Ohio.


Individuals are dying of overdoses at an alarming rate. Communities, families, faith based organizations and our government are coming together to try and combat this progression and help those who are addicted. Just as important, they are also trying to prevent this from happening to others.


On Thursday night we heard from:

• Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office

• US Representative Steve Stivers Office

• Southern State Community College

• Bureau of Criminal Investigation’

• Clinton County Prosecutors Office

• Clinton County Common Pleas Court

• Clinton County Health Commissioner

• Emergency Management

• Sheriff’s Office

• Blanchester and Wilmington Police Department

• Help Me Grow

• Brave Choices

• St. Aloysius Orphanage

• Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren and Clinton Counties


Listening to all of these individuals speak was an experience that touched on the hearts of all in attendance.  The message was clear, prevention is less expensive then treatment.  There was a consensus around removal of the dealers of opiates and rehabilitation of those who have used.  Judge Ruddick spoke about Clinton County and their You-Turn Drug Court Docket.  They are expecting their first graduation on July 29, 2016 with offenders who have completed this program.


Everyone talked about how as a society we need to remove the stigma from our conversations and realize that this disease affects everyone from the young to the old.  Nobody is safe, but families need to know where to go for help and feel safe when they are looking for it.


This video talks about how the opiate problem in Ohio is ever increasing and as a community we need to inject hope into our communities and do what we can to help each other.


Little Pill, Big Problem: Ohio’s Opiate Story


By partnering with organizations, like the ones that presented at this event,  Ascent continues to work to be an enhancement to individual’s recovery and offer a personal touch through 24/7 peer support through the use of the Ascent solution.


If you haven’t checked out the Ascent solution yet, head on over to and the Ascent Store to do so. Everyone has the power to stop this epidemic. Join us today and remember, “it’s not work, it’s life.”

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