The Impact of the National Rx Drug Summit

This year’s National Rx Drug Summit in Atlanta kicked off on March 28th and goes through March 31st. The Summit is the largest collaboration of professionals in the nation from all different industries impacted by Rx drug abuse. The event was organized by Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers and consisted of some powerful panels.


One of the most powerful of the panels included U.S. President Barack Obama talking about opioid abuse. Joining Obama was Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner; Crystal Oertle, an Ohio resident in recovery; Dr. Sandjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN; and Justin Riley, President and CEO of Young People in Recovery. Young People in Recovery has become a partner for Ascent and they are doing some amazing things for the youth of this country. You can watch a video of the panel in its entirety below from PBS News Hour.



“The numbers are staggering: heroin overdose deaths in the U.S. have doubled, compared to just a few years ago, while 4.5 million Americans over age 12 abused prescription painkillers, according to recent studies,” via WTVM. It is no secret that there is an epidemic in America when it comes to heroin and opioid abuse. It’s great to see the President and national influencers addressing these topics at such a crucial point. Hopefully events like this will not only continue to increase awareness of these epidemics, but also bring about real change.


By partnering with groups like YPR, Ascent continues to work to reduce relapse rates and improve recovery methods. If you haven’t checked out the Ascent solution yet, head on over to and the Ascent Store to do so. Everyone has the power to stop this epidemic. Join us today and remember, “it’s not work, it’s life.”


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