What is the Ascent Solution?

Sometimes when people in an industry are around like-minded people all the time, certain things are assumed. This can be isolating to people who aren’t accustomed to the same jargon and day-to-day activities. In order to prevent this from happening with our product, we are providing a brief and simple breakdown of exactly what the Ascent Solution is.

As you can see from the video overview above, one half of the Ascent Solution is an app. This app keeps people in recovery connected to peers, experienced and trained recovery coaches and positive influences. It also helps people find nearby meetings to assist in their recovery, as well as avoid certain specified locations that could hinder a person’s recovery. These features help to reduce relapse rates and keep people focused on their recovery journey and enjoying their lives.

Beside the social component of staying in touch with their peers and coaches, the app also allows full customization for each individual. You can load your own pictures, videos, audio, etc. onto the app whenever you need to see your motivators. Coaches and administrators can also provide motivational images, texts and videos to help keep you focused on what is really important in your life. There are also daily or weekly surveys for you to fill out in order to help you and the Ascent coaches track your progress and how you are doing each day. Lastly, there is the Beacon button. The Beacon button can be used for an emergency, if you feel like you are going to use that day or if you simply need help with something.

The video above details the app features even more and talks a bit about the other half of the Ascent Solution. That is the recovery coaches. Our recovery coaches are available for people using the app 24/7/365. They all have at least two years of sobriety, are extensively trained and have lived addiction-recovery experience. The coaches are a vital part of the solution as they are there to assist you whenever you need it and bring a human element to the app. Thus, the Ascent Solution is comprised of 24/7/365 support from recovery coaches AND a feature-rich mobile app. It can be purchased now at the Ascent Store.

If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to comment below or email us at wfoley@ascent.org. Our website is Ascent.org.

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