Addiction-recovery solution ASCENT launches consumer model of app

The Ascent solution is now available for everyone in recovery

ACHESS App - Ascent Solution

It is finally here! The Ascent solution is now available for purchase by anyone who is in recovery. Click the Ascent store link below to get it today. We can’t wait to add more individuals to the Ascent team and grow what is already an amazing network of people in recovery. The app is officially ready to download and our peer-recovery coaches are waiting to help you throughout your recovery. This is recovery on your terms. View the full release below.


Ascent, an addiction-recovery solution that launched in December of 2015 for treatment centers, drug courts and related organizations, is now offering the Ascent solution to individuals in recovery. It can be purchased with a 10-day free trial at the Ascent store.


“The Ascent solution combines 24/7/365 support from peer-recovery coaches with a clinically-tested mobile app,” said Ascent founder and recovering alcoholic Brian Bailys. “The goal of Ascent’s integrated solution is to reduce relapse rates and enhance traditional recovery methods.”


Unlike other addiction-recovery apps, Ascent is innovative in combining the many rich features of its mobile app with the human element of support from peer-recovery coaches. These coaches have lived-experience with addiction and mental health, and a preferred two years of sobriety.


“Recovery coaching can quite honestly be a next step into finding continued care,” said Brian McCollom, founder of Substance For You. “It’s well known that relapse doesn’t happen in treatment, but it’s what comes next. These are the most crucial times in recovery. While having access to this type of continuation in care is great, having access 24/7/365 is crucial because addiction never, ever sleeps. So the safety lies within having a continued, but constant framework and support system of recovery WHENEVER you need it.”


Many of the largest addiction-recovery networks have started to take notice of how important the Ascent solution can be for people in recovery. “The Ascent App is Rad! It has found what many of us in recovery have been searching for by combining technology with live peer coaches in an app, 24/7/365,” said Shane Ramer, founder of That Sober Guy Podcast. “Aftercare is a huge part of sustaining a clean and sober lifestyle, and the Ascent Solution helps to hold accountability and remind us there is hope, and resources right at our fingertips”


There is currently a 6-month and 12-month package of the Ascent solution, which costs $35 per month and comes with 1-month or 2-months free, respectively. “The Ascent solution is an enhancement to traditional recovery methods and one we believe has the potential to reduce relapse rates,” said Bailys. “In my recovery, I saw 90% of people in my partial hospitalization program relapse within 90 days. I believed there had to be a better way and that was the genesis of Ascent. We hope the Ascent solution can become an added recovery tool for the millions of people suffering with mental health issues and substance use disorder.”


For more information about Ascent, visit or contact or (844) 727-2368.

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