Ascent solution peer-recovery coach profile: Denny Wilson

Ascent solution now available for pre-order

Now that the Ascent solution has been available for some time to addiction-recovery treatment centers and drug courts–and it is now officially available to consumers as well–our peer-recovery coaches have had an opportunity to connect with the first set of peers signed on. The coaches have enjoyed getting to know the peers and helping them along the way. This successful integration with treatment centers gives us confidence that it will become essential for individuals in recovery as well.


After seeing success with the release of the Ascent solution for treatment centers, drug courts and other organizations, we decided it was time to offer the solution to everyone. So, starting now, the virtual peer-recovery app is available for pre-order and will launch next week. Take advantage of this weekly pre-order to get a 10-day free trial!

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It’s much more than just a recovery app. The Ascent solution is a way of life. People in recovery need support on their terms and this solution provides them that support right at their fingertips. With the ability to connect with peer-recovery coaches any time they need to, view motivators and avoid trigger locations, take daily and weekly surveys to update their coaches on their recovery and even press a “Beacon” button for immediate help. The Ascent solution is truly a revolutionary enhancement to traditional recovery methods and we are proud to now offer the public access to it.


Visit the Ascent store today to take advantage of this pre-order. Also, be sure to check out one of the first clients signed on with the Ascent solution, New Directions. They are a treatment center in Cleveland, Ohio and are doing some truly great things.

Peer-recovery coach, Denny Wilson

Speaking of great things, one of our peer-recovery coaches has been instrumental in getting the Ascent solution off to a great start as well. His name is Denny Wilson and he is from Akron, Ohio. Akron is the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous and is the recovery capital of the world. Denny’s sobriety date is May 21st, 1995, which means he is currently in his 20th year of being drug and alcohol free.


“My actual recovery started on May 20th (same year), when I decided I no-longer wanted to live the way I had been since taking my first drink of alcohol and my first ‘hit’ at the tender age of 6,” said Denny. “Around the last quarter of 2009, I had heard about this ‘new recovery model’ sweeping across the country in which people were experiencing their desired results through abstinence and working with a person who was referred to as a “Recovery Coach”. For the next few days, I sold the concept of bringing the model to Ohio to whoever would listen. Over the next year, myself and a member of our local ADMHAS Board literally CHASED the then Ohio Dept of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) staff around the state pleading with them to bring this now evidenced-based practice to Ohio, starting with Summit County.”


In August of 2010, Ohio sent three people from the Recovery Community to learn the model, and bring it back to Ohio. Denny was fortunate to be selected as one of those three. Over the course of the next five and a half years, he would witness Recovery Coaching transform into a highly evolved, sophisticated tool in helping change the lives of thousands of individuals and families across the state. As the founder of a Recovery Community Organization, (RCO), Denny would make Recovery Coaching a foundation for any participant seeking services through his agency. He would offer no charge coaching to loved-ones of participants believing that the model was NOT simply for the addict/alcoholic, but could help in any situation. Denny would also take part in the development of Ohio’s highly recognized and acclaimed Ohio Peer Supporter curriculum, and help prepare hundreds of dedicated people in recovery to work as Peer Supporters.


All of this eventually led Denny to Ascent. His thinking was simple. “If I have been able to reach hundreds while being restricted or almost limited by person to person contact as a peer supporter,” said Denny. “What could happen if I am suddenly equipped WITH an adaptive model that maintains the integrity of the model, disrupts relapse behavior, incorporates common day to day devices, am backed by a TEAM of people whose only desire is to help rid the world of addiction, under the LEADERSHIP and GUIDANCE of a visionary and PROVEN provider of clinical and adjunctive services, WITH applicable possibilities beyond current use, and the ability to reach HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS in an even shorter amount of time-I’m there, period.”


Denny was excited about the possibilities of joining a team like Ascent and anxious to get started. “I look at the Ascent Solution and the work we’re doing today as equally ground breaking as one of the tools we use to provide service, the internet,” said Denny. “When the concept of shared information in cyberspace found its way to me, skepticism and opportunity presented itself around every corner. I remember plenty of opportunities to get involved in the ‘dot coms,’ which would have financially changed my life forever.” Denny see’s Ascent as a similar revolutionary service that has the ability to change the recovery industry and save countless lives. For all of these reasons, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the team.


“What gets me the most excited about this tool is the very real possibility of witnessing and hearing success stories from participants and other coaches from all over the country, and knowing I was a part of it when the very first client called in, said Denny. “I couldn’t tell you who the first person to log onto the internet was. Maybe that story is lost or will remain as an unrecognizable event, but I’m 100% sure, as lives change, and our TEAM grows, the legend of ‘First Contact’ with this game-changing recovery model will transcend time for generations to come.” It’s obvious that Denny has a unique passion for helping people and feels strongly about the potential of Ascent. Fortunately, our other peer-recovery coaches feel the same way and we are beyond grateful to have such an amazing team.


As Ascent continues to grow and help more individuals, we look forward to hiring additional peer coaches just like Denny. It’s that kind of passion and care that drives Ascent forward. The technology and rich features that comprise the mobile app are an essential part of the Ascent solution, but without these amazing coaches, it wouldn’t be the same.

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