New addiction-recovery solution ASCENT poised for behavioral health breakthrough

CLEVELAND, Ohio — ASCENT, a new addiction-recovery solution that blends interactive mobile technology with personal peer coaching, aims to radically improve the success for adults and adolescents in recovery from substance abuse.


Founder Brian Bailys this week announced the launch of ASCENT as well as an upcoming campaign on Fundable, a crowd-sourced business investment platform. ASCENT links clients with a personalized recovery plan and it provides a 24-hour connection to support addiction recovery.

“There has been a tremendous gap in continuing care,” said Bailys, a former certified public accountant with extensive experience in both business startups and the recovery community. “People would finish treatment and think they were cured. But that’s not where recovery really happens.”

Studies put first-year failure rates for those in substance-use recovery as high as 90 percent. Challenges mount for clients post treatment as they begin to establish healthy practices in the real world.

“There are a number of examples where people leave a treatment facility, and they’re on their way home and begin using again because they don’t necessarily have all the tools they need,” Bailys said.


ASCENT gives clients new support by marrying the immediacy of a mobile-phone application to a center staffed with peer coaches with lived experience. Research shows that connections to peer coaches and a recovery community help clients stay on course, reducing the incidence of relapse and its associated costs.

The ASCENT app uses the ACHESS mobile recovery support technology, developed by Dr. David H. Gustafson and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin*.  At the touch of a button on the ASCENT app, clients can access advice, ideas for practical challenges, and addiction intervention. Among many features, the app provides a daily question that gives the clients an opportunity to alert their teams if they feel vulnerable to relapse.

With ASCENT, Bailys said, “someone will be there, 24/7/365, in case of an addiction crisis. This will change the face of recovery forever.”

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